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Aggressive Minnesota Attorney Protects Your Property from Unjust Repossession

Helping you understand your legal rights

As if dealing with a stressful financial situation isn’t bad enough, you may also have to experience the humiliation of having your personal assets repossessed because of your mounting debt. Jewelry, automobiles, electronic equipment and practically any other high-priced item purchased with the help of a loan can be taken from you if you fall behind on your payments. However, sometimes lenders may try to repossess your belongings illegally. At the Minneapolis office of Lunde Law, PLLC, we help you fight overzealous lenders and repo men to return your property as soon as possible.

Helping you against unlawful repossession

Even if you are late on just one payment on an asset, such as a vehicle, you could be in default of your loan, leading your finance company to seek to repossess. However, the company must abide by certain laws to make the repossession process legal, including giving you advance notice of your delinquency and an opportunity to repay your loans within 10 days. After that your property can be seized and taken from you under Minnesota law.

At Lunde Law, we protect you under Minnesota’s repossession laws. Trust us to handle:

  • Breach of peace — This is when your lender or a repo man uses physical force or threats of violence to repossess your vehicle. Breach of peace also includes physically removing your vehicle from a closed garage without your knowledge. This is illegal under Minnesota law, and our firm fights to ensure you are protected from harm or threats of any kind.
  • Damages against illegal repossession — If you have been the victim of an illegal possession, we seek damages for the harm you sustained. This includes any damage to you physically or mentally, or to your property.
  • Defense against charges of illegally hiding your vehicle —Intentionally trying to hide your vehicle to avoid repossession is illegal in Minnesota, but sometimes a collection agency will falsely accuse you of hiding your vehicle. Our firm defends your rights in court against these unjust charges and helps clear your name.

We may also be able to help you keep your vehicle through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, through debt settlement, or as a covered bankruptcy exemption.

Protect yourself against repossession today!

Contact Lunde Law, PLLC at 612.200.2327 or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation on your repossession case. Our office is located in downtown Minneapolis, and we represent clients throughout the Twin Cities area.

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